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Grown, Harvested and Shipped From Environmentally Friendly Greenhouses.

Taking care of the Environment

We do not compromise on the quality of our fresh cut flowers. Instead, we reduce costs by delivering flowers, roses and bouquets directly from our farms in eco-friendly packaging materials that do not burden Mother Nature. Yes, our packaging and presentation are simple by design; our flowers are not. Our wish is to present you with the most gorgeous flowers possible in the most affordable, reliable, and attractive manner. The beauty is inside the box! We sell the best blooms packed in a fashion that assures their freshness and loveliness. We enhance the amount of stems that can travel in each container so that our red roses, white carnations, bridesmaid bouquets or corsages arrive perfect. This is one of the reasons that we can offer them at a much better price. Our facilities are among the most advanced greenhouses in the business, they are situated on the Andean mountain range sunniest locations, and where close to 70% of all the flowers sold in the USA are grown. We also have flowers grown in the United States like our Tulips and Potted Orchids. Most of our flowers have three-hundred and sixty-five- days accessibility on our site. All orders come with free delivery. The pricing is much better than your florist or local wholesale house.